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Holistic Approach

Chiropractic Care - Holistic Approach

Holistic Approach and Network Care
When it comes to holistic chiropractic care, Network Family Wellness Center takes a “whole person” approach to enhance the wellbeing of our members. Every aspect of an individual contributes to their wellness and that maximizing their innate capacity to heal with chiropractic, improves a person’s life in every way.
What Holistic Includes
The holistic approach used by Network Family Wellness Center focuses on each aspect of a person- physical, emotional, spiritual, social and environmental. We believe that someone’s overall wellness can be influenced by each of these contributing factors. Although chiropractic services are a form of physical adjustment, it can influence all other factors due to the results it achieves. Also, the various areas, physical, emotional, spiritual, social and environmental, can influence the effectiveness of a chiropractic adjustment.
We start with gentle spinal adjustments that release pressure in specific areas of the spine, the chiropractor starts a process that opens the natural communication pathways in the body, allowing one to achieve wellbeing from within.
By freeing the internal intelligence in the body to communicate, the chiropractor is also promoting emotional wellness. Our emotions are felt and expressed physically, along nerve pathways, in the chemistry of our body and they are a part of our mindset. Thus, emotional balance, which is an integral part of our wellbeing, is affected by network care.
In freeing the body of anything that is obstructing its ability to communicate, the chiropractor helps the member be open to other types of knowledge and experiences, including spiritual awareness. Chiropractic adjustments naturally contribute to spiritual growth.
Social and/or Environmental
In working with a chiropractor, members can be better poised to deal with social and environmental stresses and strains. As the body communicates on a whole new level, it becomes more resilient and stronger on all levels.
All Factors Work Together
The doctors of chiropractic at Network Family Wellness Center understand that in order to maintain wellbeing a member can benefit greatly by making sure that they adjust factors that may work against their ability to maximize their wellness. Thus changes in an individual’s physical, emotional, spiritual, social and environmental aspects can help reinforce the positive results engendered by chiropractic adjustment.
Network Care
The care that members receive through Network Family Wellness Center is focused on the person as an entity. Each part of the individual, physical, emotional, spiritual, social and environmental, is affected by our process. Each part is important when maximizing one’s overall wellness as they all work together. The approach is holistic in every way and that offers innumerable benefits.

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