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Chiropractic Care Has Contributed a Great Deal to My Injury Recovery

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Chiropractic Care Has Contributed a Great Deal to My Injury Recovery

Dr. Richelle with patient Danny

The pain and discomfort triggered by old injuries can be difficult to address at any age. At some point, even the weather could have a major influence on your ability to control your pain. Damp, cold weather could make your life a living hell, forcing you to turn to ointments and medication to enhance your quality of life and stick to your active lifestyle. Taking drugs is not always the best solution to this problem, considering that after a while your body could get used to this kind of treatment and respond to it in a less effective manner. Moreover, potential side-effects linked to self-medication are another important aspect worth considering.




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But what if you could actually restore the balance of your own body in a natural, nurturing manner by discovering the benefits of chiropractic care? This is the course of action that Danny P. recommends, after so many years in which he has fought stubborn pain triggered by an old injury. Tired of medication and treatment plans that failed to do the trick for him, Danny P chose to explore a different route to recovery.



Why I Came to NFWC


Clearly, dealing with old injuries is quite challenging, especially when your goal is to go back to your active lifestyle. After breaking his leg, Danny P. never sat comfortably and was in a lot of pain. He had to plan his moves in advance to avoid painful episodes. He decided to make a change in his life and address the limitations that forced him to abandon his daily pleasures and live a sedentary life. Driven by this ambition, Danny decided to schedule his first meeting with the experts from the best chiropractic center in the Boulder area.



He remembers that he was quite nervous before his first sessions. He was expecting to feel a cold, hospital-like ambiance, get his spine adjusted and go home. After his first meeting with the NFWC specialists, he realized that his expectations were wrong. Network Family Wellness Center is the best chiropractic center in the Boulder area for a very good reason: it benefits from the most stimulating décor, staff members and equipment. Aside from being extremely good at what they do, the NFWC chiropractors are friendly and always eager to offer the best advice to their patients.



Chiropractic Results


After his first sessions, Danny has started to feel more comfortable sitting and standing.He now sleeps better at night and feels more focused during the day. All in all, the chiropractic care that he receives represents the pillar of his recovery process and has helped him to develop a healthier, more resistant body and a clearer mind.



Why I Continue to Receive Care


The chiropractic care has helped so much both mentally and physically,” states Danny. To make sure that his body is in the best possible shape, he now visits the NFWC specialists on a regular basis. Every minute spent at Network Family Wellness Center is a blessing that he is grateful for. In order to achieve a full recovery, as well as encourage several other beneficial changes that could reshape his mind and body, Danny will stick to his chiropractic sessions to make the most of his newfound health.



*Disclaimer: Results may vary person to person and are not guaranteed.

By Dr. Daniel KnowlesJuly 17, 2015

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