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Chiropractic Care Gives Me the Opportunity to Feel More Comfortable in My Own Skin

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Chiropractic Care Gives Me the Opportunity to Feel More Comfortable in My Own Skin

Daniel Knowles with Shira

It’s easy to imagine why so many people are in a hurry to schedule their first appointments with some of the very best local chiropractors: they want to profit from rapid, longer-lasting pain relief and also wish to experience the wellness-oriented side of excellent chiropractic care. Shira H. decided to give this option a try to boost her level of comfort and reduce the frequency of debilitating painful episodes that were lowering her overall quality of life. Tired of the discomfort that was dictating all her lifestyle choices, one day Shira started to pursue the freedom promised by regular chiropractic sessions.



Why I Came to NFWC


Not too long ago, Shira experienced a sharp pain in her back that made her unable to stand up for a few days. This critical moment made her aware of the complexity and severity of her health problem and pushed her to take action right away. She picked up the phone, scheduled her first visit at Network Family Wellness Center and chose to put all her faith in the skills and expertise of the NFWC staff members. After meeting Drs. Daniel and Richelle Knowles, D.C., she started seeing this modern chiropractic center as a soothing environment supporting her physical and spiritual recovery and growth. Weeks after her first trip to NFWC, Shira states that her hopes for a pain-free future are in good hands.

Her confidence in her own self-healing abilities and the time and energy that she is constantly investing in her new path towards a better general state of health have already paid off. As a matter of fact, she witnessed the first visible signs of improvement right away, after her first appointment. After the second visit she was able to get back to work. With time, things got better and better. As we speak, she confesses that she has never felt her body so comfortable before.



What’s Different?


“I feel like each time I leave the office my body is different in a good way. Other than physical improvements, I feel like I have more inner resources and my overall wellbeing is better than ever,” states Shira, who is deeply impressed with her enhanced ability to cope with pain and restore her own interior and exterior equilibrium.



Why Do I Still Schedule Appointments with the NFWC Specialists?


Due to the care and special attention that she has received at the most reputable chiropractic center in the Boulder area, Shira has started to believe in miracles. She is confident that the adjustments that she receives on a weekly basis contribute a great deal to her amazing progress. Shira has no trouble maintaining a correct posture; plus she sleeps better, feels more confident in her own strength and manages to set up and achieve realistic wellness goals with ease. Who would have thought that great chiropractic care can lead to this outstanding series of improvements? At first, Shira was quite skeptical, considering that people have always tried unsuccessfully to help her get rid of the terrible back pain that she was experiencing. She was told that she’d forever suffer from back pain, and yet she found the magic here. This is the most compelling reason that stimulates her to keep up the good work and recommend the best chiropractic center in Boulder to all her loves ones who are struggling to overcome similar obstacles in life.



*Disclaimer: Results may vary person to person and are not guaranteed.

By Dr. Daniel KnowlesAugust 25, 2015

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