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Chiropractic Care Can Help You Cope with Pain

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Chiropractic Care Can Help You Cope with Pain

Daniel Knowles with Rising

“I always feel soothed and revitalized once I step off the table and I am so thankful to have found Network Family Wellness Center!”* – Rising M.


Many people rely on chiropractic care to alleviate pain and discomfort associated with an incorrect posture and a sedentary lifestyle. After sitting for eight hours at a desk, they feel the need to unwind in a warm, nurturing environment, where they could relieve muscle tension and strengthen their spine.


Chiropractic sessions seem to be the most effective solution to their problem. But what happens when patients who are trying to cope with severe pain triggered by old injuries explore this option to improve their quality of life? Rising has tried everything to regain her balance and heal her body after suffering a dramatic accident. After testing different treatment plans that turned out to be ineffective, rising decided to put all her hopes in the stellar chiropractic care ensured by the professionals from Network Family Wellness Center.



Why Rising Came to NFWC

She started care because she fell 30 feet last summer and broke her neck, pelvic ring, clavicle and a dozen ribs. Rising was unable to move her head or stand for several months. Since then she has been seeking the best and most holistic ways to heal and return to full health and wellness. Through a combination of delicate adjustments and proper expert support, Rising is gradually regaining her mobility and joy of living.



What’s Different?

At Network Family Wellness Center, Rising has successfully buried the memories and consequences of her accident. As a result of the care that she is receiving at this center, she is recovering at a fast pace. Rising is no longer tormented by neck and rib cage pain; plus her spinal alignment is constantly improving, as evidenced by her periodic scans. As a matter of fact, her spine has spontaneously released throughout the day, and her general discomfort has steadily decreased.



Why Does She Still Stick to This Routine?

Over the last couple months, Rising has managed to strengthen her body, become more self-aware and control the slight discomfort that she is still experiencing, with ease and a big smile on her face. She is grateful for this improvement and intends to stop by NFWC more often to complete this exciting journey of healing and self-discovery. In short, Rising wants to continue experiencing positive changes and eventually come back to an optimal balance after a lifetime of built-up trauma.


Now that the dramatic changes revolving around her accident are a part of the past, Rising is focused solely on beneficial tactics supporting her full recovery.  However, she still needs guidance though all three phases of healing- regeneration, repair and remodeling. Fortunately, the NFWC chiropractors are by her side 24/7, offering her the assistance that she requires to speed up the healing process, while nourishing and protecting her weakened body from the inside out.

Rising plans to stick to her chiropractic sessions and make the most of the expert tips that the NFWC specialists are always ready and willing to share with her.



*Disclaimer: Results may vary person to person and are not guaranteed.



By Dr. Daniel KnowlesOctober 13, 2015

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