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Change Your LIFE Forever.

Change Your LIFE Forever.

There are an increasing number of people today that are complaining of a lack of energy, unexplained weight gain, poor mood, depression and insomnia. So what are you supposed to do if you have these symptoms?

Use a cream called DHEA from West Coast Anti Aging.

DHEA is a hormone produced by your adrenal glands and in your brain, which was first discovered by scientists in the 1930’s.

New-PictureYour body’s natural production of DHEA varies widely with age, with very low levels produced before puberty, peak production in your late 20’s or early 30’s, followed by a steady decline in production with advancing age.



This age-related pattern of production has lead many to believe that DHEA production may actually be linked to the aging process itself.



DHEA supplementation with crèmes (if you’re deficient) may help you turn back the clock, as it were, as it can help:


  • Lower fat storage through improved thyroid response
  • Stimulate bone deposition
  • Increase muscle tone
  • Improve mood (including fighting depression)
  • Fight cancer
  • Sub-optimal levels of DHEA have also been associated with many age-related degenerative conditions, including:
Chronic inflammationLow libido
Immune dysfunctionCognitive decline
Rheumatoid arthritisOsteoporosis
Increased risk for certain cancersSome complications of type II diabetes.

Can DHEA really help you with these conditions?



DHEA or more precisely DHEA sulfate (your body naturally converts DHEA-S to the DHEA that it uses) is the most abundant precursor hormone in the human body, meaning that it is the largest raw material your body uses to produce other vital hormones, including testosterone in men and estrogen in women.



One thing we know for certain about human adrenals — besides making DHEA — they also manufacture cortisol, which is in direct competition with DHEA for production.



In other words, when cortisol production is high, especially for prolonged periods of time, your adrenals can actually wear out, and DHEA production will necessarily suffer.



You don’t want that to happen. So a natural question follows: What is cortisol and what causes an increase in its production?



The Stress Connection


Cortisol is the hormone your body produces in response to stress, real or imagined, which is why it’s commonly referred to as “the stress hormone”. So if you’re stressed, you’re producing cortisol.



Adrenal exhaustion from coping with chronic stress means your adrenal glands are overworked from manufacturing cortisol, and they simply can’t produce enough DHEA to support a healthy hormonal balance.



The result?


You feel exhausted, often depressed, and your muscle tone decreases while body fat increases (cortisol tells your body to store fat).


“Not a DHEA user… YET!”

 So with that said, symptoms of chronically elevated cortisol levels include:



Increased abdominal fatStomach ulcers
Suppressed immune responseMild memory loss (words, names and numbers)
Accelerated agingSuppressed thyroid function

You hear all the time about how bad stress is for your body.



Well now you’re looking at the actual hormone responsible for much of the damage. That’s why it’s so important that you learn more about your hormones and how to work with them.



Clearly it pays healthy dividends to reduce stress in your life, not only to reduce cortisol production, but also to ensure that your body has adequate adrenal strength to keep your DHEA levels optimal.



When DHEA Supplementation Makes Sense



First, let me start by saying that homeopathic DHEA should ideally ONLY be used under the guidance of a doctor like me.



New-Picture-3If you’ve been living long stretches of your life on a poor diet, not getting adequate sleep, and overwhelmed by the daily grind — chances are you’re a good candidate for DHEA crème.



If you’re feeling tired and overwhelmed, have low libido, and find your mood suffering or even experience depression regularly, there is a strong chance that your body is not producing enough DHEA.



You can fight this all you want, but why not get the problem corrected, and change your life forever?



Maintaining optimal DHEA levels may also be useful for:



Athletes looking to improve performanceIncreasing sex drive
Improving recovery time from stress and physical trainingIncreasing sense of well being
Weight lossImproving sleep
Muscle gainImproving mood



The scientific jury is still out on the subject, but it appears normal daily DHEA production for an average person in their 20’s is between 10-25 mg.



Remember your body’s hormone balance is a delicate mechanism that should only be supplemented after consulting a doctor.



Another important co-factor when considering DHEA supplementation is that your body naturally produces DHEA in the morning and then either uses the hormone or excretes it by the end of the day. So it appears that an early morning dose of DHEA is the way to go.



Why You Should AVOID All Oral Hormone Preparations


There are many ways to “naturally” address homeopathic hormone replacement but one of the most common mistakes is to use oral hormones.



But if you swallow steroid hormones you seriously distort their natural metabolism.



New-Picture-4Swallowed hormones encounter potent stomach acids, and the hormones that survive this assault then move to your liver where they will be further broken down.



Your liver screens all molecules that enter your blood stream, passing some onward, modifying or detoxifying others, and rejecting a few.



This routing of orally swallowed hormones is in sharp contrast to the way nature intended them to be distributed to your tissues.



If you swallow hormones, only 10-15 percent will eventually reach the target tissues and you will need to take an oral dose that is 500 percent higher than you need.



Many different metabolites are created in your liver when you swallow a DHEA supplement and any of these can produce unwanted side effects.



So if you or anyone you know currently use an oral DHEA supplement or any other oral hormone, I encourage you to strongly consider phasing them out and instead using a DHEA cream preparation that you administer on your skin daily.



Final Thoughts on DHEA



Is DHEA the “fountain of youth” it was touted to be in the 1990’s?  Perhaps it is, but with an asterisk.



Your body is designed to maintain a delicate hormonal balance that usually self-regulates naturally according to your age and the stresses you face in life.



Progressively increasing numbers of people today complain of a lack of energy, unexplained weight gain, poor mood, depression and insomnia. Some of the contributing factors can be a poor diet, lack of exercise, stress that goes unchecked and adrenal glands functioning sub-optimally.



Prolonged adrenal imbalance can actually be the cause of many of the symptoms associated with a lack of optimal health — weight gain, depression and a lack of energy that you just can’t seem to shake no matter what other healthy changes you make to your lifestyle.



And if you’re not getting enough quality sleep (another symptom of DHEA imbalance) all of the other healthy changes you make to your lifestyle will not produce dividends you can feel.



So if you are under constant stress, or constantly feel tired, weak, depressed or have a low sex drive, please find call the office and we’ll get you started on the DHEA creams. They easy to use and you’ll definitely notice a change.



Too many people suffer unnecessarily from high stress and low DHEA production, so make sure you are not one of these people.



Here’s something else to think about.


When the skin is no longer being adequately supplied with DHEA, it can become dry, dull,
sallow and wrinkled. This reduced DHEA level is one of the principal causes of those ugly brown aging spots as well as the general lack of elasticity in the skin.



In short, the skin loses that young, smooth, healthy look and glow you once enjoyed.



It has been scientifically demonstrated that the topical application of our Anti Aging  Cream with DHEA helps in reversing the evidences aging and over exposure to the sun.



Both men and women who have applied our moisturizing cream to both face and hands have reported the rapid fading of brown spots, the reduction and elimination of wrinkles, and generally softer, younger looking skin.



NOTE: DHEA is the most important hormone present in the skin. Topical application to the skin helps replenish this vital hormone and stimulate the skin’s immune system. DHEA has been shown to also aid in the prevention of and slowing down of the growth of skin cancers. It is an established treatment for psoriasis, eczema, seborrhea, and dermatitis. It relieves dry skin and is very effective in the treatment of burns of all types.



This DHEA from West Coast Anti Aging should be applied continuously for 20 days before
expecting improvements to become obvious.  Even more dramatic results are generally seen
after treatment for thirty days.  Since there is an accumulative effect, continued use produces
better results. If treatment is then discontinued, some of the beneficial results may diminish and age and brown spots will gradually reappear.



This cream should be applied daily to the face, hand and neck and any other parts of the body as desired. For most dramatic results, it is suggested that this DHEA cream be applied in the morning.




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