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Resources: Weight Loss

  • Weight Loss with Food Management That Isn’t Sleek or Sexy

    Person struggling with weight loss program

    Losing weight is on many people’s minds right now with a focus on dieting. However, many other factors are involved including motivation. Weight loss means different things to different people, to some it’s all…

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  • A Perfect Time to Ask About Weight Loss Programs in Boulder

    Many people dread the arrival of the holidays, simply for the fact that they feel that there is no way to avoid gaining weight. They try to stay away from the gargantuan feasts and tempting sweets, but find that one little taste leads to another, and another. If you’re sincerely concerned about overeating this year, […]

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  • Counting on Premium Chiropractic Care to Lose Weight and Eliminate Headaches

    Dr Knowles with Weight Loss patient

      Only a few people actually realize that frequent headaches, and even at times those annoying extra pounds, are signs that our own body gives us to warn us that we are neglecting it. Perhaps we are working too much and eating too much. Maybe we always “forget” to exercise or take the time that […]

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  • 16 strategies to keep your weight down during the holidays

    Healthy tips for weight control during holidays

    16 Strategies to keep your Weight down during the Holidays! Simply put, you don’t have to give up much of anything this holiday season. Yes, you read that correctly. You can eat the cookies, the chocolate truffles, the apple pie…the mac n’ cheese, a huge thanksgiving dinner, and just about anything else your taste buds […]

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  • Alkalinity Acidity and Weight Loss

  • Childhood Obesity Can Be Deadly

    Harvard study finds that overweight kids risk premature death.     FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (January 2, 2013 Boulder, Colorado). Overweight children most often become overweight adults. Sure, there are those who seek guidance or find inspiration and commit themselves to a healthier lifestyle. Unfortunately, those success stories are few and far between. The majority of […]

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    TESTOSTERONE AND BODY FAT ARE CONTROLLED BY THE SAME GENES…     ScienceDaily (Aug. 6, 2008) — Genes that control percentage of body fat are also responsible for circulating levels of testosterone in men, research published in a recent edition of Clinical Endocrinology shows.      The research shows a 23% overlap between the genes that control testosterone and those that […]

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  • Tired of being overweight ? Change that today.

    Person struggling with weight loss program

    Tired of Being Overweight?     Want to change that today?     I’m going to talk about to you about a way to lose weight. But first I’m going to talk to you about Gastric bypass surgery.  The drastic procedure used to help some obese and overweight people lose weight, called gastric bypass – continues […]

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  • How it all works

    How it all works Menopause is often a dreaded time for women due to its many uncomfortable symptoms including the most reviled —    hot flashes.     Honestly, who wants a semi-sleepless night of repeatedly tossing away covers after waking up drenched in sweat only to be reaching for those blankets minutes later when the hot […]

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  • Lose Weight and Feel Great in Boulder Colorado


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