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Resources: Patient Success Stories & Testimonials

  • Chiropractic Care Can Help You Cope with Pain

    Daniel Knowles with Rising

    Many people rely on chiropractic care to alleviate pain and discomfort associated with an incorrect posture and a sedentary lifestyle. After sitting for eight hours at a desk, they feel the need to unwind in a warm…

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  • Can Chiropractic Care Help You Alleviate Pain After Multiple Spine Surgeries?

    Brooke with Daniel Knowles

    Many people see chiropractic care as an alternative method to deal with neck and back pain, lower their discomfort, develop a more effective coping mechanism and improve their general wellbeing. Most of them rely on this…

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  • Chiropractic Care Gives Me the Opportunity to Feel More Comfortable in My Own Skin

    Daniel Knowles with Shira

    It’s easy to imagine why so many people are in a hurry to schedule their first appointments with some of the very best local chiropractors: they want to profit from rapid, longer-lasting pain relief and also wish to…

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  • Chiropractic Sessions Have Helped Me Relieve Debilitating Bulging Disc Pain

    Liz Antognoli with Dr. Richelle

    Bulging intervertebral disks represent a relatively common health problem that may or may not impact the wellbeing of the patient. As a matter of fact, bulging disks usually stay asymptomatic. Nonetheless, this issue can cause a severe disability and discomfort, especially when the disc starts to compress the root of an adjacent nerve.     […]

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  • Chiropractic Care Has Contributed a Great Deal to My Injury Recovery

    Dr. Richelle with patient Danny

    The pain and discomfort triggered by old injuries can be difficult to address at any age. At some point, even the weather could have a major influence on your ability to control your pain. Damp, cold weather could make your life a living hell, forcing you to turn to ointments and medication to enhance your […]

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  • Chiropractic Care Helped Me Sleep Better and Forget Back Pain

    Recent studies show that we spend around 26 years sleeping. Some may find this hard to believe, especially if they are constantly tormented by excruciating back pain that prevents them from catching a wink. Sayde M. is familiar with this problem. For years she has been dealing with debilitating pain that has impacted her lifestyle […]

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  • How I Managed to Reduce Stress and Improve My Spinal Health

    Elevated stress levels can make your life a living hell. When you’re incredibly tense, you have the tendency to see the glass as half empty, underestimate your own potential, and damage the healthy relationships that you’ve established with people who play an important part in your life. Cricket B. knows that uncontrollable pain and stress […]

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  • Chiropractic Care Made My Stubborn Shoulder Pain Go Away

    Shoulder pain is often neglected, until it starts to become a very disturbing problem that can no longer be ignored. Rodney V. is no stranger to this situation.   Why I Came to NFWC   For years in a row, he has tried to cope with the persistent shoulder pain that lowered his quality of […]

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  • Addressing Back Pain and Stress through Chiropractic Care

    Dealing with constant back pain and elevated stress levels is always difficult, especially when you are tied to your office chair for at least eight hours every day. Ernest and Helen A. know just how challenging it can be to control their aches and discomfort associated with older back and leg problems. After hearing that […]

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  • Chiropractic Care Enabled Me to Address Cause of Back Pain

      At some point, you may realize that the constant pain that you are experiencing is stopping you from enjoying the simplest things in life. Emily L. is no stranger to this situation. Fortunately, she discovered the exceptional chiropractic care provided by Network Family Wellness Center and decided to rely on it to kick her […]

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