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Resources: Holidays

  • It’s summer! Get active and be safe

    Hooray – it’s summertime! This is one of my favorite times of year in Colorado because it means taking part in lots of fun outdoor activities, like…

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  • Check Out Our Free Holiday Card Station

    We are always happy to bring our chiropractic patients in Boulder, Colorado the best. We not only do this in terms of the service we provide them but how we treat them while they are on..

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  • 12 Days of Health and Wellness

    You Can Beat Holiday Stress and Pain with “12 Days of Health and Wellness” for a Healthy, Happy Season Boulder, CO – The upcoming holiday season is full of reasons for good cheer. At the same time, the added demands of the season can also stress the capacities of our bodies. Stress can build up […]

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  • How to Keep Your Spine Healthy While Traveling

    People traveling while maintaining spinal health

    The holiday season is already upon us which is the most highly travel time of the year. One of my favorite movies is “Trains, Planes and Automobiles”, which also happens to be the way most people do their traveling in order to…

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  • Holiday Reminder: It’s What’s on the Inside That Counts

    Person focusing on the inside of body

    As we’re going into the holiday season, there tends to be a lot of fun and revelry around what’s happening on the outside. I truly enjoy seeing all the holiday decorations, lights and of course, the different types of holiday food and spending time with family and love ones and hopefully a little bit of […]

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  • Healthy BBQ Tips for the 4th

    Fire up the grill!  We’ve got some great tips for keeping your BBQ meals extra healthy for Independence Day.       ó  Choose a lean, unprocessed protein Consider using lean turkey burgers, salmon, tuna, veggie burgers, or grill-friendly extra-firm tofu.     ó  Stock up on fresh veggies Kabobs are a backyard BBQ favorite!  […]

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  • 16 Better Halloween Choices

    Better choices for Halloween food

      During what many call flu season it is extremely important we help our children stay healthy.  Refined sugars are detrimental to the immune system and make the body much more susceptible to disease.  Help our children stay healthy this Halloween by replacing candy with healthy treats.  Below is a list of possible candy alternatives […]

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  • Hilarious Holidays

    Did you know that there are all sorts of wacky and wonderful national holidays in March? Check it out!     March 1st: Peanut Butter Lovers’ Day March 1st: National Pig Day March 3rd: I Want You to be Happy Day March 4th: Hug GI Day March 6th: Dentist’s Day March 7th: Employee Appreciation Day […]

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  • The Arrival of Spring

    Whether we like it or not, Valentine’s Day is on its way!  And with it:  A slew of goodies, flowers, cards, and chocolates.  But did you know that St. Valentine was once associated with the advent of spring?  It’s true.  Valentine’s Day (as we know it today) originated in the UK.  However, they historically had […]

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