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Can Chiropractic Care Help You Alleviate Pain After Multiple Spine Surgeries?

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Can Chiropractic Care Help You Alleviate Pain After Multiple Spine Surgeries?

Brooke with Daniel Knowles

Many people see chiropractic care as an alternative method to deal with neck and back pain, lower their discomfort, develop a more effective coping mechanism and improve their general wellbeing. Most of them rely on this type of aid to avoid surgical procedures.


But is chiropractic care the best option at hand for a person who had to undergo multiple surgeries to address an old spine injury or disorder? Brooke L., now a proud member of the large Network Family Wellness Center family, thinks that chiropractic care is the simplest, most accessible method to reduce the frequency of debilitating, painful crises and improve your overall quality of life, even after going under the knife.



The Story Behind My First Trip to NFWC


As a matter of fact, after having two spine surgeries to correct severe scoliosis, Brooke’s spine has been on a long journey of healing. She tried everything, including medication prescribed by her doctor, to alleviate pain and bring her body on the shortest path to recovery. Unfortunately, all her efforts were in vain.


At that point, she chose to embrace a different approach and contact the specialists from the most renowned chiropractic center in the Boulder area. Quite surprisingly, she started to feel different after her first sessions. Through gentle spinal adjustments, she managed to reestablish her connection with her own body, reduce the tension that she was experiencing in her neck and back, decrease stress levels and gain more control over her body.


“The care has been the only thing to relieve chronic pain, as well as show true results in changing the way my body responds to tension*” states Brooke, who is extremely pleased with the signs of improvement that she has been tracking lately.

The Chiropractic Results That Are Helping Me Live the Life That I’ve Always Dreamed about

Since starting at NFWC her body has begun to release olds habits and patterns of tension. Her body responds to stress in a way that alters it to be released sooner rather than later. Moreover, she appreciates the expert advice provided by Drs. Daniel and Richelle Knowles, D.C., related to other important topics that interest her a great deal.


Why Do I Always Come Back for More?

Brooke is now able to prioritize her health by being a NFWC member. As a practice member, she has the opportunity to keep her body in excellent shape and maintain an ideal physical-mental balance. With each new session she can see her body responding to care. She can work for a holistic, tangible result that becomes traceable after each trip to NFWC, and this gives her hope, strength and confidence. At this point, she is determined to stay on track with her goals related to a better spinal health, a slender, healthier body and a clearer mind. Her remarkable progress is the main factor that stimulates her to schedule regular appointments with the friendly, knowledgeable NFWC staff members who have become her second family.



*Disclaimer: Results may vary person to person and are not guaranteed.

By Dr. Daniel KnowlesSeptember 17, 2015

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