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Boulder wellness center is a gentle path towards sustainable increased wellness

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Boulder wellness center is a gentle path towards sustainable increased wellness

Hi, my name is Dee Zuko and I am a practice member at Network Family Wellness Center and I have been a practice member here for about three and a half going on four years. I first got involved because I had some back pain. I knew that I wanted to see a chiropractor and seek an alternative route but I have been seeing the kind of chiropractor that you get on the table, they pop you, you go back home, you feel good and then after that a couple of days go by and the same pain comes back. And I knew that it was not the kind of chiropractor for me but I did not know another option was there until a friend of mine told me about “Network Care” and I remember the first time I came in, I remember being in the table and then it was new experience because it was just light touching and I really noticed the results after my first adjustment getting in the car, driving home and I felt my neck in a new way and it popped just a little bit into a new place and I had more feeling in my neck and I thought, this is for real. So three and a half years later, I am still a practice member and the reason for that is because what I learned about my health is that coming into new place with health is not a quick fix, what they are doing here at Network Family Wellness Center is about teaching someone to fish, as suppose to giving him a fish like the saying. And I have taken more responsibility over how I am and my body posture, how everything feels and I am seeing it in a more holistic way rather than, “Oh this part of me is in pain, how can I get rid of that?” I see, “Okay this part of me is in pain and what else is there that I can tune in to that would help to integrate my whole self into a new way of being?” more energy, more aliveness, more peace in myself. I feel like I am more present for other people in my life, my family, my friends the people I love. And it is just an overall deeper sense of health so what I would say to someone who is considering Network as a path toward better health is that it is an investment but it is a worthwhile investment because you will see real changes, I have seen them and I cannot speak for everyone but I am a living example that the changes possible and that it takes some time. I mean it is three and a half years that I have been doing this but I have seen sustainable changes and I am not feeling like I was before I hurt but I am feeling completely different in myself and in even better way than I could even imagined when I first walked in the door. Another thing that is unique about Network Care is the coming together of the body and the breath and the way that Network Care is combined with Somato Respiratory Integration has been a really key for me in the healing that I have done through being a practice member here at Network Family Wellness Center for about three and a half years finding the connection between my body and my breath, and my movement has been really key and before I got involved here I did not have the same level of connection between my body, my breath, my movement, basically my whole self. And so, I would say that one of the unique things about Network Care is not only the chiropractic piece but also the SRI Somato Respiratory Integration piece that comes with it.

By Dr. Daniel KnowlesNovember 27, 2013

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