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Boulder Chiropractors, Dr. Daniel And Dr. Richelle Knowles DC, Provides Therapy For Chronic Whiplash

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Boulder Chiropractors, Dr. Daniel And Dr. Richelle Knowles DC, Provides Therapy For Chronic Whiplash

Network Family Wellness Center and Boulder chiropractor team, Dr. Daniel Knowles D. C. And Dr. Richelle Knowles, D. C. offer effective therapy for the pain and related symptoms of chronic whiplash. When it is too late for acute stage therapy, patients should undergo therapy for the chronic condition.



PRESS RELEASE: Boulder, CO, 15-JULY-2012 – Network Family Wellness Center and Boulder chiropractor team members, Dr. Daniel Knowles D. C., and Dr. Richelle Knowles D. C., are pleased to provide chiropractic therapy for those individuals who have experienced whiplash which has developed into chronic whiplash. Whiplash, as with many other types of pain has two stages.



The acute stage is the initial result of the accident. It usually develops within a day or two of the accident or injury and over time can improve so that the area of the injury is deemed to be healed. Chiropractic therapy is useful in the acute stage of the whiplash injury. Damage to the challenged muscles, tendons and connective tissue is often lessened or prevented by prompt and effective therapy by the chiropractic doctor.



When some effective therapy is not initiated soon after the accident causing the whiplash symptoms, the condition is said to be chronic. Other medical personnel refer to the symptoms as secondary. When the initial acute phase is not addressed, the injury can move into a chronic or long-standing condition, affecting every aspect of life.



Addressing chronic whiplash requires a different approach than working with acute stages of the injury. Because the damage to the area has not been relieved for months or years, nerve damage may be the result. Relieving the pressure to the damaged area and allowing the body to self-heal is an important step in the procedure.



The chiropractor may suggest exercises and nutritional therapy to improve the body’s ability to restore circulation at the cellular level. Bodily alignment is important for optimum health, but particular so when the initial damage to the soft tissue has been relayed and worsened over time.



Learn more about the therapy offered by chiropractic practitioners for chronic whiplash by visiting the web pages at http://networkwellnesscenters.com today. Members of the press and other individuals who seek more information about the details of this specific press release can contact the doctors at the location identified below.



Contact Person Names: Dr. Daniel Knowles, D. C. And Dr. Richelle Knowles, D. C.

Company Name: Network Family Wellness Center

Address: 1715 15th Street, Boulder, CO 80301

Contact Telephone Number: (303) 998-1000

Email: [email protected]

Website: http://networkwellnesscenters.com

By networkwellnesscentersAugust 29, 2012

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