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Boulder Chiropractors, Dr. Daniel And Dr. Richelle Knowles DC, Offers Living Well Radio On AM 760

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Boulder Chiropractors, Dr. Daniel And Dr. Richelle Knowles DC, Offers Living Well Radio On AM 760

Network Family Wellness Center and Boulder chiropractor office team, Dr. Daniel Knowles and Dr. Richelle Knowles, offer wellness information presented during a local radio show. The show discusses a holistic approach to health and is available to area residents or online.




PRESS RELEASE: Boulder, CO, 13-FEB-2013 – Network Family Wellness Center and Boulder chiropractic office team members, Dr. Richelle Knowles and Dr. Daniel Knowles D. C., are pleased to announce that the doctors have established an interesting and informative radio show for area listeners. The show is titled “Living Well”.



Listeners can tune in on Saturdays at 8:30 AM to AM 760. The show can also be heard on I Heart Radio. Finally, the show is aired online at AM760.net.



Speaking recently about the concept of the practice and the radio show, the doctors explained, “Network Family Wellness Center is not only a center for healing but also a center for education. Boulder Chiropractors, Drs. Daniel & Richelle are both sought after wellness educators in both the healing arts community as a whole and the Boulder community. Practice members, their family, friends, guests and members of the community are all welcome to attend. Our vision is help people make healthy choices.”



The doctors recognize their responsibility to the community to promote health. They also are dedicated to the education of as many residents as possible about health topics. The focus on the radio programs are to encourage a holistic wellness-based lifestyle. This can include topics about nutrition, posture, exercise and stress reduction techniques, among others.



Learn more about how to take advantage of the wellness tips offered by the Boulder chiropractic office team by accessing the link below at https://networkwellnesscenters.com today. Members of the press and other individuals who need more information about the details of this press release should contact the doctors at the location identified below.



Contact Person Names: Dr. Daniel Knowles, D. C. And Dr. Richelle Knowles, D. C.

Company Name: Network Family Wellness Center

Address: 1715 15th Street, Boulder, CO 80301

Contact Telephone Number: (303) 998-1000

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://networkwellnesscenters.com

By Dr. Daniel KnowlesFebruary 16, 2013

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