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Boulder Chiropractor Warns Against Soda

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Boulder Chiropractor Warns Against Soda

Big news this past week:  the mayor of NYC has legislation in the works to limit the size of soda that can be served at one time.  I know that may seem a bit far out, but the city of New York was the first community in the US to take a pro-active position to limit trans fat.  Trans fat, which was originally designed to reduce cholesterol and heart disease, actually was and is one of the leading factors promoting heart disease.  At one point there was almost 8 billion pounds of trans fat produced in the US; 5 billion pounds of which was used by the restaurant industry.  The amount of trans fat has been reduced considerably over the last 12 years.



 Right now, there is a new battle and not with each other.  Coca Cola is one of the most popular words in the world and is currently maneuvering around how to balance the new legislation.  Coke and its counterpart, Pepsi, have created vast empires based on producing products that are literally a chemistry set in a pretty bottle.  Let me share a few facts about soda that you may not be aware of:



10 Reasons to Reduce Soda Consumption 



  1. Sodium Benzoate in soda is a leading cause of allergies
  2. Phosphoric acid is a leading cause of osteoporosis
  3. Carmel coloring is sourced from barley which has gluten
  4. High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) is commonly from GMO corn and causes allergies
  5. HFCS suppresses Leptin, a hormone that tells the brain you are satisfied (full)
  6. There is 9.5 teaspoons of sugar in a 12 ounce can of soda.  Three cans of soda would contain over 1/2 cup of sugar!
  7. Sucralose or Splenda is chlorinated sugar
  8. Soda consumption creates an acid Ph in the body
  9. Soda uses unknown water sources
  10. The aluminum in the cans can be an issue for brain health


Regardless if you agree or disagree with the legislation and government control, the bottom line is the fact that the soda industry wants everyone to continue to “gulp” down as much as they can.  Young men drink at least 32 ounces a day and girls drink an average of 23 ounces daily.  Fourteen year old girls have more fractures with soda consumption, feeding a child soda will supply more calories than cookies and pastries and there is an increase of the metabolic syndrome with soda consumption. You can lose 15 pounds a year by eliminating one soda a day.



By networkwellnesscentersJune 12, 2012

2 thoughts on “Boulder Chiropractor Warns Against Soda

  1. Karen Klena

    What about the colas like Coke Zero, Pepsi Free? We think we’re doing better
    for our bodies by drinking these sodas instead of the regular regulars. Not so?

    Thank you for all the “good info” you research and put out for our

    1. drdanielknowles

      Yes karen! Those are just as bad if not worse. They are addictive and the artificial sweeteners are not good for you. Studies have shown that people gain weight on “diet soda” because of the ingredients. Also, some have ingredients related to osteoporosis and loss of bone health. If you want carbonation stick to the healthy no artificial ingredients types. You are welcome!!

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