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Boulder Chiropractic Doctors, Dr. Daniel And Dr. Richelle Knowles D. C., Offer Spring Spectacular

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Boulder Chiropractic Doctors, Dr. Daniel And Dr. Richelle Knowles D. C., Offer Spring Spectacular

Network Family Wellness Center is excited to share the news that Dr. Daniel Knowles, DC and Dr. Richelle Knowles, DC provide comprehensive education programs to members of the community who are seeking ways to improve their lives through safe and natural methods. The Boulder Chiropractor team offer workshops that are designed to address the conditions and concerns of individuals who want to become more active participants in their health and wellness.

PRESS RELEASE: Boulder, CO, 8-APR-2012 – Network Family Wellness Center is pleased to announce that their Boulder chiropractor team, Dr. Daniel Knowles, DC and Dr. Richelle Knowles, DC are offering a Spring Spectacular of workshops and events that will help members of the community who want to become more active participants in their wellness the information and education they need! Throughout the month of April, the doctors will be providing workshops that focus on the conditions and concerns of a majority of the residents of Boulder. The workshops are free and everyone is encouraged to invite friends and family to attend with them.



Throughout the month of April the doctors will be offering events and workshops free of charge to thank the community of Boulder for their support over the 13 years that they have been in practice. The Spring Spectacular Community Event on April 15th will include great prizes, free adjustments and fabulous massage sessions to individuals who are current patients or are curious about the services offered by Network Family Wellness Center.



A Weight Loss Workshop, on April 13th will show you how to lose weight safely and the steps to get rid of extra weight. Participants will learn how to increase energy and improve the metabolism through simple changes in lifestyle and diet. The doctors have lost a combined total of 50 pounds in 30 days and share their strategy for naturally losing weight and keeping it off permanently. The workshop shows participants the latest techniques in natural weight loss, new advances in maintaining your goal weight and how to lose weight affordably.



The Community Dinner at Cantina Laredo on April 16th at 6:30pm will be a great night with the doctors teaching participants how to relieve stress, tension and achieve great health safely and naturally. The doctor will also offer important information about how to relieve asthma, sinus headaches, and other pain naturally as well as ways to improve the immune system and increase energy and stamina without drugs.



“Winning The Blood Sugar Battle” will be easier when you attend the April 26th workshop where you will learn more about the effects of this condition and how to reduce your blood sugar more easily. The doctor discusses the research and important details that will help you and your family avoid the consequences of this potentially harmful issue.



An advanced spinal care class “Phases, Levels, and Stages” is scheduled for April 30th where you will learn about the signs and symptoms of spinal conditions and how lifestyle, diet and exercise affect your spinal health. Participants will get the information and training they need to maintain a healthier spine and achieve greater flexibility and mobility. The doctors will discuss how the spine affects the rest of the body and the conditions that are often not associated with spinal health.



Throughout the month of April, the Boulder Chiropractor team of Dr. Daniel Knowles and Dr. Richelle Knowles, DC will be providing exciting programs and workshops that will help members of the community to achieve greater health and wellness. Visit their website at Boulder chiropractor today to find more workshops and classes as well as times and details about the programs that are planned throughout the month of April today. Individuals and members of the press wishing to get more details about this press release will find contact information below.



Dr. Daniel Knowles, DC and Dr. Richelle Knowles, DC

Network Family Wellness Center

1715 15th Street

Boulder, CO 80302

Telephone: (303) 998-1000

Website: http://www.NetworkWellnessCenters.com/Events.php



By networkwellnesscentersApril 21, 2012

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