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Be Grateful For Your Symptoms

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Be Grateful For Your Symptoms

The body is absolutely miraculous. It coordinates an incredible number of biochemical and neurological reactions on an ongoing basis without you having to think about it. The body consistently coordinates everything behind the scenes and we should be thankful for this intelligence. This is a foundational principle to the chiropractic healing art. It is this intelligence that also tells us when to stop doing something or when something needs to change. The body knows that you won’t stop or change something unless you’re uncomfortable, so the body commonly gets uncomfortable when it wants you to change.

Fever, aches and pains, headaches, and soreness, are just a few of the ways the body talks to you to communicate that you need to do things differently, to make different choices.
For example, when you eat large portions of sugar, wheat, gluten, dairy, processed foods, and excessive calories, the body will communicate it is time to change. In fact, the healthier you are, the more loudly and frequently your body will communicate to you. If you constantly eat pretty toxic foods, you may not realize how badly your body is feeling because you can miss those signals.

If you clean up your act and pick a healthier lifestyle for a few weeks, and then go back to your previous lifestyle, you’ll clearly see symptoms arise from your body trying to tell you to not go back to doing the same behavior.

In this scenario, who is healthier, the old you, with no symptoms, or the new you?
Remember, your body has a story to tell you. When you don’t feel well, you can certainly take pills or get treatments that suppress the signals, suppress the messages from your body, just so you can keep living your life the same way. Eventually, though, your body will find new ways to communicate the need to change; symptoms may turn into a full-blown disease. Chiropractic care helps you to be a new you again by improving the signal connection between your and your nerve system.

Disease, also known as pathology, is a logical path or progression of a state of malfunction during which, at some point, you silenced the signals.
I want to suggest a different path for you rather than the path to disease: I want you to think about and feel everything. When you’re feeling something you don’t like in some part of your body, that is probably the body telling you to change behavior. To take better care of yourself, listen to and heed the wisdom of your symptoms. Be grateful for the messages your symptoms are trying to send to you. Your body is your temple; it is the only place you truly have to live on this planet. It’s your most valuable asset, especially when it’s giving you symptoms. Treat your body with the respect it deserves and honor it for knowing more than you.
The more fine-tuned you are, the more fine-tuning you need, not the other way around. The more fine-tuned you are, the more need you have to constantly raise the bar and courteously upgrade your body’s organization and adaptive capacity.
Your spinal system is the core of your body’s communication network. Caring for your spine and keeping it strong, healthy, well aligned, and adaptable and flexible is not about silencing the message of the messenger.
It is about making sure that you always have clear communication from the messenger. Keeping your spine and nervous system tuned up will ensure that you feel any symptoms that come up more quickly so you can make changes in a world that asks more of you every day. Having your NeuroStructural system checked to make sure it is strong, healthy, and well aligned can help you improve your connection and experience an improved quality of life.

How’s your communication signal? Contact our office at 303.988.1000 today or enter your information in the form below to have a complementary consultation. A consultation is simply a conversation to find out what’s going on with your health and body.
We want to know your health goals, what you may want to experience less of, and what you may want to experience more of in your life. Come talk with us today.

By Dr. Daniel KnowlesNovember 18, 2016

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