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Back Surgery Is Useless

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Back Surgery Is Useless

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That is what the New York Times said two weeks ago about back surgery and many other surgeries. “Useless” may seem like a strong word, but we really have to look closely as a culture about the effectiveness of invasive procedures. There are many medications — countless medications on the market — that are supposed to go through double-blind research protocols to be approved by the FDA. Over the years, many people have brought that approval process into question, but this New York Times article addresses a different facet of our healthcare system. The article points out that surgeries do not go through the same randomized clinical trials and that the FDA does not regulate surgeries. This means that it is up to the healthcare consumer, before they have a surgery, to research or ask their healthcare practitioner about the effectiveness of the surgery and the intended results.
Every healthcare provider should empower people to inform themselves before they go under the knife. You should know about the procedure, its potential effectiveness, potential long-term consequences, and possible side effects and outcomes. Your health should be their most valuable asset. Invasive procedures can be lifesaving, but they also come with risk.

The article from the New York Times points out many things that I have told patients for years in terms of being cautious when taking care of their body. When you're talking about invasive procedures, like surgery, whether it is back surgery, disk surgery, or any other surgery, these procedures are generally performed to address a secondary or long-term effect that has develop from a mismanaged lifestyle, or a mismanaged body, that has negatively impacted a person's physiology.

The long-term results of mismanagement show up in structural shifts, bony damage, disk damage, whether it be in areas of the spine or out to the extremities. Certainly, there can be traumas that happen and that's a different scenario. However, the thing I see most frequently as a healthcare practitioner is what has developed over a person's life in their day-to-day living that has built up as a result of small stuff over time. After forty or fifty years, or even after as few as twenty years, people have problems from of small structural shifts and neuro-behavior dysfunctions that have escalated into bigger concerns. They consider addressing these concerns with drugs, surgery, injections, or therapy, again just to treat the effects rather than heal the underlying wounds.

When the popular press releases an article so clearly saying that many surgical procedures, from spinal fusion surgeries to meniscus surgeries, don't have strong clinical evidence, it really means that you have to question how you're going to take care of your body if you want to have a great quality of life for seventy, eighty, or ninety years. It doesn't mean wait until you are fifty or sixty years of age to think about it; you need to think about it in your twenties so you can get the most out of life.

Keeping your body strong, healthy, well aligned, and functioning is imperative. You don’t want to end up in a situation where you are intervening with invasive procedures to get rid of the stuff you don't like or what you want to have less of, like pain. Rather, you can approach your life asking yourself what you want to have more of, enjoy more of, and be more able to do so you can live every single day of your life to the highest quality possible without limitations. Neuro-spinal reorganization with network spinal analysis has the greatest research for quality of life changes that exist in the chiropractic profession.

We want to help you. Come in for a free consultation to discuss your health concerns and your health goals, and we'll see if you would be a candidate for spinal examination. There might be structural or neurological change that could help you function better and improve your quality of life.

By Dr. Daniel KnowlesAugust 22, 2016

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