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Babies, Antibiotics, and Food Allergies

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Babies, Antibiotics, and Food Allergies

The University of South Carolina has released new research showing a link between babies who take antibiotics and an increased risk for developing food allergies. Researchers say to be careful when giving your babies antibiotics; you may be increasing their likelihood of developing food allergies throughout their life.

This goes along with my own experience growing up, and after reading the research from University of South Carolina, it makes a lot of sense what happened to me. As a child, I had twelve rounds of antibiotics for ear infections, which was a lot for any adult, let alone a kid. I ended up having severe allergies throughout my teen years, allergies so bad that no over-the-counter or prescription medicines or allergy specialists were able to help me. It wasn’t until a person suggested I go to see a chiropractor to check my nervous system did my allergies actually subside. A large part of why I work in the healing arts is because of this experience.

Now, chiropractic is not specifically a treatment for allergies. Chiropractic is simply the largest, drugless healing art on the planet, and it is completely focused on helping a person improve their spinal and neural health so their body is stronger and healthier. It has been shown repeatedly that people, especially children, have been found to have their immune system boosted when their spine functions unobstructed. This is why we see so many children from birth in our office, and parents are so happy to see their kids’ positive results. It is very commonly reported that children who have chiropractic care as part of a healthy regimen simply get sick less often, take fewer medications, and see doctors far less often because their bodies are healthier.

In the study, the University of South Carolina found that children who had five prescriptions increased their risk of food related allergies later in life by 1.64. They found that people who hadn’t received an antibiotic prescription were less likely to have food allergies later. This is something special that parents should note: Rather than focusing on health care efforts with your children after the fact by treating the condition, challenge yourself to do things from day one to boost your child’s health and well-being, like proper nutrition and keeping the spine strong, healthy, and well aligned from day one.

My wife and I have two little kids and two teenage kids. We had all of their spines checked after their home births within moments after delivery to make sure that there weren’t pressures in their cervical spine. Throughout their childhood, they’ve had their spines checked weekly. It’s simply part of helping them be exceptional children.

It’s time that our culture shifts from accepting mediocrity when it comes to health for ourselves and our families, and instead, raises the bar and to consistently do things that help us be our best. A properly functioning and optimally functioning spine and nerve system is one of those things that will help everyone be their best.

Have your family members had their spines checked to see if they have optimal structural alignment and neuro-function? Most likely not, since that is not part of the practice of your typical pediatrician. All kids should have their spines checked for function, structure, and neuro behavior from birth. Contact us to have a complementary consultation and determine if a spinal examination would be appropriate for yourself and/or your children.

By Dr. Daniel KnowlesFebruary 17, 2017

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