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The Central Nerve System is composed of the brain, spinal cord and spinal nerves. The Central Nerve System is located inside the bones of the spine and is the master control system of all organs, function and healing in the human body. The most common disturbance to the integrity of the Central Nerve System is “Abnormal”

position of the spine (subluxation).   This altered function will cause the organs of the body to not function or heal at less than optimum.


“The more mechanically distorted a persons body is,

the less energy available for thinking, metabolism and healing”

Roger Sperry, PhD  Nobel Prize Winner.


Before any body part or any body function can be described as “abnormal” or “unhealthy”, we must have a clear definition of what “normal” is. For example, if

normal blood pressure is 120/80, then a person with blood pressure of 150/100 would have high, “abnormal” blood pressure.


Our state of the art technology will objectively help us to detect areas of nerve disturbance, document and monitor your results, deliver the appropriate care. Medical, chiropractic, anatomical and engineering researchers have been able to clearly define “normal” spinal integrity. This research has been published in the world’s most prestigious journals.


The proven ways to evaluate spinal and neural integrity

1) Postural and Spinal examination

2) Muscle activity and balance

3) Autonomic Nerve stress with temperature readings

4) Flexibility or Range of Motion


Our office utilizes these procedures to evaluate a persons spine and

Central Nerve System.



When looking at a person from the back the spine must be straight. The head, shoulders, hips and feet should be lined up. When looking at a person from the side, the ears should be over the shoulder’s and the shoulders over the pelvis.  Posture is the window to your spine. The most important arc is in the neck (cervical spine). This arc is known as the “Arc of Life” because mental impulses travel directly from the brain down this part of the spinal cord to  bring life to the rest of the body.


People that lose their arc of life do not live as long because it causes severe

obstruction to the brain, spinal cord and nerves, the Central Nerve System.

Optimal spinal posture

Any “abnormal” position of the spine, misalignment of the bones or any changes in these curves indicate a serious problem. It is absolutely vital to understand this point: any changes from “normal” will disturb and eventually damage the Central Nerve System. Damage and disturbance to the Central Nerve System will always result in “abnormal” function of the body, improper healing and poor health.


“…Posture  affects and moderates every physiologic function breathing to

hormonal production.  Spinal pain, headache, mood, blood pressure, and lung capacity are among the functions most easily influenced by posture.  The corollary of these observations is that many symptoms, including pain, may be moderated or eliminated by improved posture.”

  1. Norman, Shealy, MD., Roger K. Cady, MD et al; APJM, Jan 1994, VoI. 1, No. 1




The purpose of performing testing at your initial evaluation is to assess the state of physiologic function of your spine that cannot be seen on X-Ray.   The three standard tests are:


1) Surface electromyography (SEMG Scan) to assess the electrical current in the muscles.   Your muscles are controlled by nerves.  The SEMG measures how well the motor nerves are working by reading the amount of current found in the muscles.  Spinal Subluxations disturb nerve flow and cause an abnormal amount of electrical current to flow to your muscles.  Additionally, altered spinal position or brain function creates muscle imbalance.  This reveals an increased amount of tension/pull on one side compare to the other (similar to a tug of war.)

2) Temperature Differences (Thermal Scan)

When the communication between the nerve system and your blood vessels is disturbed the body’s thermostat malfunctions producing an imbalanced temperature reading along the spine.  These blood vessels are controlled by the same part of the Central Nerve System that  coordinates your organs, glands and body chemistry, your autonomic system.  Temperature differences beyond 1/2 a degree can be neurologically pathological.  (Umatsu)  Additionally, a non changing reading indicates a nerve system that fails to adapt to stress appropriately. (Palmer)


3) Range of motion: To measure loss of Motion/Flexibility (Inclinometer)

This test measures your spinal movement in comparison to normal ranges for your age and gender.  When there is abnormal positioning of the vertebrae, it reduces fluid motion of your spine.  When range of motion is restricted stress is caused on the parts involved—this begins a decaying process and spinal degeneration.  This process will not only affect the problem areas, but left uncorrected will negatively affect the whole body.  If you had 1 of the 4 tires turning 20% less than the other 4 your vehicle would be unsafe to drive.  You have 7 neck bones, 12 mid-back bones, and 5 low-back bones.  They must all move freely and fluidly for you spine to take you on your life’s journeys safely.



If we are delivering care it is because there is a loss of spinal and neural integrity which may have been there for a number of years.   This may or may not be causing pain but is obstructing nerve flow to various organs and systems of your body and are related to your lowered state of health.   The good news is that with Network Care we have had a great deal of success over time improving nerve system and body function and you will have a greater quality of life than they ever expected.  Spinal care restores optimal spinal position and function over time. This eliminates Central Nerve System disturbance allowing your body to function and heal at its best!  Once again you will be at 100% of your innate potential.


 your first Network Basic care session will get you moving in the right

direction.  Immediately you will begin functioning better and healing.  However because these problems have been there for some time, it will take time for your body to make a change.  Your body’s response will help us in making our complete recommendations at your next appointment.



By Dr. Daniel KnowlesApril 16, 2015

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