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We all want to live life to the fullest.  We know that without our health we have nothing.  To be successful, we must first have clearly defined goals and a method of getting there that is consistent and aligned with that goal.  An everyday example of this could be something as simple as deciding to bake a cake (goal), and then carefully following the recipe (means of achievement).  On a grander scale, it could be deciding collectively to land on the moon and then developing the necessary technology and strategies to actually do it.  Now imagine what would happen if our goal were not clear or our means of achievement were not aligned with our stated goal.  Instead of a cake we might get a meatloaf, and instead of landing on the moon we would become lost in the vastness of space.

Our nations current health care crisis is a direct result of not having a clear defined goal or a method for achieving health.  When Americans are asked what is most important to them, being healthy is placed before all other goals, including having good relationships with friends and family or financial security.  However, individually and as a nation, our health continues to decline despite possessing the most advanced medical technology, the highest prescription drug use in the world, and spending more money than any other country (over $1.r trillion per year) on health care.

If health is our most important goal, why are we failing to achieve it?  Because we have not properly defined health, and because we are not consistent with our purpose.

Our first step is to have a clear definition of our goal.  The World Health Organization defines health as a state of physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease and infirmity.  This definition describes health in terms of developing those strategies that enhance our bodies functioning and result in a higher overall quality of life.  However, is this the way we typically measure health?  For most of this century, health has been measured by the suppression of symptoms (i.e. lack of symptoms = health).  The dilemma that we face is that except in times of crisis or trauma, treating symptoms has not been shown to improve a person’s health or quality of life.  Instead of relying exclusively on symptoms, quality of life measurements need to be used as a yardstick for measuring health outcomes.

Having defined our goal, we now need to determine what is the appropriate means for achieving our objective.  In other words, are we really doing what we say we are doing?  The prevailing model of health care in America is not truly health care… it is sickness care.  The allopathic or curing model relies on waiting for a person to become sick and then intervening with drugs and surgery.  If drugs and surgeries make a person healthy, shouldn’t the healthiest people be the one’s taking the most drugs or with the fewest body parts?  Experience and common sense tells us that this is not true and that methods must be found that are in alignment with our goal.

How does chiropractic relate to our health goals?  Chiropractic is a vitalistic approach to increasing the well-being and quality of life of individuals of all ages.  Chiropractic is not allopathic, it is not a treatment for any specific symptom or disease process.  Chiropractic adjustments restore and improve the health of the spine and integrity of the nervous system.  The body is a self-healing and self regulating organism.  The master control system of the body is the nerve system.  A nerve system operating without interference or disturbance will do a better job of creating a health internal environment as well as properly adapt you to the external environment.

This is supported by a retrospective study performed on 3,000 individuals receiving Network Chiropractic care.  This was performed at the University of California at Irvine medical school.  The vast majority of participants in this study reported substantial improvements in a wide range of quality of life indicators.  These included more energy, more flexibility, less depression and anxiety, less use of medication and a greater overall satisfaction with careers and relationships.  The benefits received also continued to grow as long as the person was under care.  There were no perceived maximum benefits to the care.

Knowing exactly what health is and taking an approach that is consistent with your goal will greatly improve your chances for success in achieving greater health, life and longevity.  Your body is the only place you have for your spirit to reside, ensure that it is a vessel that you can live a life of length and quality within.



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By Dr. Daniel KnowlesApril 16, 2015

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