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Are You Feeling Better or Healing Better?

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Are You Feeling Better or Healing Better?

When it comes to health, so often we focus on feeling better as compared to healing better. Perhaps this is because our culture seems very focused on how we feel from one day to the next rather than how much progress we are making toward a bigger goal of long-term health and wellness. This thinking is really a throwback from past times when people did things like leeching to get rid of health issues, and it is a common mistake that we don’t want to make. When you take the approach of feeling better rather than healing better you are less likely to get what you really want.

Yes, there can be plenty of things that you may want less of in the moment: back pain, headaches, leg pain, fibromyalgia, or stiffness. But, what happens so often is people sacrifice long-term goals for short-term success. This is largely because of what we’re taught about health care. Health care in our country focuses on symptoms and how to relieve them rather than really thinking about the long-term results you want from the health care you’re seeking.

When you’re considering care for your spine you’ve got to think: Do I want a temporary change that makes me feel better now but doesn’t really change anything for me in the long run? Or, would I rather have chiropractic adjustments that keep me on an upward spiral culminating in a large advancement to my overall health?

The reality is that many, many things can happen in your body that you might not be able to feel immediately. 90% of the nerves in a person’s spine have nothing to do with sensing pain, but that doesn’t mean that those nerves are not affected by and affecting what is going on in the body. Sometimes you can’t feel it until you heal it.

Rather than aiming for feeling better (short-term solution), a more appropriate goal would be to aim for healing better so your body can perform repairs as needed (long-term wellness). Switching your focus from feeling better to healing better is really about switching your focus from less to more. Don’t worry as much about what you want less of and instead think about what you want more of: more optimization, more flexibility, more adaptability, more ability to handle stress, more ability to enjoy life.

If we are focused only on getting rid of pain or feeling better, we’re missing the boat. We’re forgetting that our bodies are actually built to feel pain so that we learn something. For example, if you put your hand next to something hot, you should feel it. Pain is a warning sign; it’s a sign to pay attention. There are many short-term fixes for pain, however, there are very few resources to optimize long-term health. Your spine, your nervous system, your behavior, your body’s perception are actually built to feel everything because being able to feel everything and adapt has positive survivor value. It puts you in a state where you can actually handle more. Think about that. Think about being in a position where instead of saying, “I can’t handle anymore or I’m hurting and overwhelmed” you could say, “Bring it on!”

So, the next time you’re not feeling so great and you want somebody to just get rid of what’s disturbing you, think again. Think about optimizing your body’s healing so it can adapt to the stresses you’re under now and any stresses that come in the future.

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