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Our Purpose at NF Colorado Wellness Center

About Us - Our Purpose at NF Colorado Wellness Center

When it comes to a dependable Colorado wellness center and healthcare, the patient/doctor relationship is extremely important. It’s essential at Network Family Wellness Center that each practice member be an active part of the process devoted to attaining maximum wellness. With this in mind, we have outlined our purpose and how we at Network Family Wellness Center approach improving each practice member’s quality of life through Network Care. In our chiropractic approach, which is known as Network Spinal Analysis, we focus on the spine and nervous system.


How the Body Works


The chiropractic doctors at Network Family Colorado Wellness Center embrace the fact that within our bodies there is an inborn intelligence that allows us to function. We are keenly aware of some of the ways in which this innate intelligence works, yet we rarely consider how aspects of this intelligence contribute to our wellness.

This intelligence within each of us keeps us alive and also animates, coordinates, repairs, renews, empowers and heals our bodies. The nervous system is the primary network that our bodies utilize to channel this innate intelligence. A healthy, free flowing nervous system is essential for your wellbeing.


Purpose of Chiropractic Care


Chiropractic works towards ensuring our body’s pathways of communication are kept open. In this way it promotes wellness and allows the expression of the wisdom of the body to be maximized. The stress of Spinal Subluxations reduce the nervous system’s ability to communicate effectively. A subluxation occurs when muscles, nerves and joints are in misalignment.


How We Maximize Wellness


At Network Family Colorado Wellness Center, we’re dedicated to maximizing each practice member’s wellness. We achieve our goals by assisting in reducing spinal cord tension and subluxations of the vertebrae. Reduction of subluxations results in a greater ability for your body to communicate more efficiently and further maximize well-being.

Spinal Health and Symptoms


A more elastic, flexible spine offers basic benefits to each person. Whether one has symptoms related to illness or not, a nervous system that is free of subluxations will allow the body to achieve greater wellbeing.
Symptoms are not always a sign of illness. They are often occur the body’s way of telling you that change is required.


Symptoms can be misleading. A reduction of symptoms does not always mean an improvement in health. Practitioners at Network Family Colorado Wellness Center know that the specific location of an individual’s symptoms does not necessarily correlate to specific areas of tension or subluxations.


A Network Family Wellness member may not be experiencing any symptoms and yet may be in need of an adjustment or they may have symptoms but do not require an adjustment. Symptoms are not always directly related to one’s prognosis.


At our Colorado wellness center, we do not treat specific symptoms, conditions or ailments through Network Spinal Analysis. We focus on spinal adjustment and relieving vertebral subluxations. There’s no implication that a particular spinal adjustment will have a direct effect on an ailment, symptom or condition that may be affecting a member of our practice. However, research studies have revealed that Network Spinal Analysis Care works towards improving the physical and emotional health and wellbeing of thousands of patients.

Working Together


Network Family Wellness works closely with our members. If a member has specific concerns regarding ailments, symptoms or conditions, we encourage them to consult their physician. Those on drug therapy should understand that medications may affect the functioning of their nervous systems. Pain killers, muscle relaxers, mood altering prescriptions and anti-inflammatory medicines can slow the body’s ability to heal and prolong the time for spinal correction to take effect.



At Network Family Wellness Center we will not advise on the reduction or elimination of medications. We suggest that members of our practice consult with their physician regarding the effects of specific medications and then decide if those medications are in line with their wellness goals. A member’s physician may be able to work with them in adjusting medications and helping them achieve greater well-being.



Our mission at Network Family Colorado Wellness Center is to work with you to ensure you get the maximum benefits from your Network Spinal Analysis Care.

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