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A State of Dis-tress – Is It Keeping You Down?

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A State of Dis-tress – Is It Keeping You Down?

Have you ever felt uptight?

Have you ever left a family gathering and felt a muscular or skeletal symptom like a headache, neck pain, or back pain?

Have you ever had a long day at work and felt like the work day came home with you in your back?

Very commonly, people somaticize stress in their physiology. That is the more technical term for holding stress in your body. Most people are very well aware of where their spine holds them hostage or where their body throws the stress of their life.

This is not a psychosomatic phenomenon; it is very real. People can have stresses that their nerve system just can’t handle because the stress exceeds their levels of adaptation. The effects of these stresses on an overtaxed nervous system can cause pull in the muscles, bones, joints, and connective tissue. In short, it can cause injury because these pulls can cause the angulation of how a person holds their body to change. It can also cause the rate of musculature firing to change which can result in hyperexcitement, also known as facilitatation, where it takes very little to go over a threshold into pain.

What’s the answer? Well, it’s not stopping all the stress in your life; that’s actually not likely to happen. As long as you are above ground, it’s likely that stressful events will still happen and what’s more, you actually want them to happen because stressful events help you grow. It all depends on the state you are in when you experience the stress.

You can be in dis-tress or you can be able to use-stress.A state of dis-tress breaks you down while a state ofuse-stress builds you up so you can achieve growth and learning from stressful situations. If your reserves in your body and your adaptability are at a low level, you will be in dis-tresswhen stress comes along. When someone is in a distressed state, they tend to say:“No more, I can’t handle more. I can’t take on more. No more projects, no more change. I just need things to slow down and get easier.” It is because of this state of dis-tress that they stopgrowing.

The other state, one where you can use-stress to help you grow as a person, is one of optimization. Optimal physiology, optimal neuro behavior, and optimal body structure help stressors roll off you and give you a feeling of empowerment. It is in this state that you feel like you can tell the world:“Bring it on! I can handle more.”When your spine and nervous system are optimized and in alignment you can use-stress to reach new heights, stretch towards new goals, andget more out of your life.

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