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A Boulder Chiropractic Doctor Helps Alleviate Neck Pain With Massage Therapy

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A Boulder Chiropractic Doctor Helps Alleviate Neck Pain With Massage Therapy

A person with neck pain has difficulty moving their head and eventually this leads to pain throughout the shoulders and upper back. This is because the curve or lordosis is out of place. This curve allows the neck to support the weight of the head without strain. When there is pain in this area, it is possible to find relief with a chiropractor in Boulder.



This curve or lordosis is also known as a built-in shock absorber. It is designed to act like a spring to provide easy movement of the head. When something happens to this spring, it puts undue pressure on the surrounding muscles and ligaments.



While a person’s neck and shoulder ligaments and muscles are very strong, if continually pulled out of place they become fatigued. When this happens, the undue stress forces them to no longer remain in their proper position, they become stretched and a person feels pain or muscle spasms.



Damage to the neck’s natural curve is often caused by an automobile accident or other incidents, which sharply jerk the neck out of position. However, it can also be caused by things such as poor posture or vertebral problems.



When pain occurs in the neck and across the shoulders, it would indicate that assistance is needed by someone familiar with this kind of problem. A Doctor of Chiropractic is extensively trained regarding this area of the body. He or she will use various techniques to not only relieve the pain but also put the curve back in its natural position.



One of these techniques is massage; Swedish massage is common. This light and relaxing massage eases the pain and stiffness. However, most chiropractors will use the deep tissue massage, which will more quickly restore the range of motion. A chiropractor in Boulder will be able to determine the best method needed for relief of neck pain.



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By Dr. Daniel KnowlesJanuary 7, 2013

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