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The Three Secrets To A Strong, Healthy, Well Aligned Spine

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The Three Secrets To A Strong, Healthy, Well Aligned Spine

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There is a central triad that forms the foundation to maximize function and quality of life. Within this triad, people will tend to have one area that is easier and one that tends to be a place of difficulty, pain, or distraction. These three principles of physiological change are crucial to understand and apply to get the most out of activities, life experiences, and daily tasks.

These principles can be applied across multiple areas of a person’s life, but when they are applied to the spine can increase a person’s ability to excel. Greater function within your NeuroStructural system can improve many areas of your life.


Perception is the first area to start because so often people are not even aware that they have a spine until they have pain. Often pain is the only reference point for their spine. When you only have pain as a reference point for your perception of your NeuroStructural system, you’re asking for trouble.

For example, if you were gardening for hours in your yard and you did this without taking a break or changing position, at the end when you finished and wanted to celebrate your accomplishment, you’d most likely have extreme challenges getting up, or be uncomfortable, or have pain that would show up later. If, instead, you had heightened awareness of your breath, energy, and movement, you would notice subtle cues during the yard work that would guide you to stop, take a break, shift position, shift your weight, maybe work on a different area of the yard, so that you could maintain the well being of your spine.

Heightened perception of your breath, energy, and movement is a constructive survival tool to cultivate.


The second area of this triad is your behavior. Now, when we’re talking about behavior, we’re not talking about whether you’re bad or good; we’re talking about the actions you take. By putting energy into actions, you can contribute to the well being of your spine. There are numerous positive behaviors in the areas of flexibility and function that you can do to support your spine and keep it well, like yoga, stretching, and Pilates. These activities, and others like them, contribute to your spine being well.


The centerpiece of this triad should most certainly be protecting the structure of your spine by removing obstructions. Think about your house. Changes to the integrity of the foundation of your home over time will create significant secondary challenges in years to come, such as problems with shutters, pipes, and roof. So often in our homes, we chase secondary conditions, completely ignoring our foundation.

The same is often true for the spine. Obstructions in the spine create changes in nerve function, disc integrity, muscular spasm, and curvature, and these changes in structure over time impact our health. Activities like yoga or Pilates help, but they don’t remove neurological pressures or obstructions like regular spinal adjustments. That is the key to keeping your spine strong, healthy, and well-aligned.

Not putting energy into your spine is worse than choosing to not brush and floss your teeth. Not taking care of your teeth will result in pain, issues, and you’ll eventually have to have your teeth replaced. But, have you ever heard of a spinal replacement surgery? No, neither have I, because there isn’t such a thing.

Put energy and attention into this triad of structure, behavior, and awareness to maximize and optimize the NeuroStructural integrity. Contact us below for a free consultation to see if a NeuroStructural exam of your spine’s structure, behavior, and your perception of life is the next step toward a greater quality of life for you.

By Dr. Daniel KnowlesSeptember 26, 2016

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