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16 strategies to keep your weight down during the holidays

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16 strategies to keep your weight down during the holidays

Healthy tips for weight control during holidays

16 Strategies to keep your Weight down during the Holidays!
Simply put, you don’t have to give up much of anything this holiday season.
Yes, you read that correctly. You can eat the cookies, the chocolate truffles, the apple pie…the mac n’ cheese, a huge thanksgiving dinner, and just about anything else your taste buds so desire. In fact, you can actually use ALL of those foods to unlock your ultimate fat burning potential and LOSE a massive amount of body fat this holiday season, all while never saying “no” to a holiday party, meal, or dessert. And between now and December 31st, I’m going to explain to you-with unquestionable science-exactly why and how that can be done. And rest assured, it can be-very easily-because I’ve already done it with hundreds of patients. The entire approach is based upon “tricking” the body into elevating metabolism and burning more fat through PPDD (periodic, planned dietary deviance), or simply put, scheduled, strategic “cheating”. And I promise you, when you learn to master this one skill, you can, and you will, write your own fat loss ticket this holiday season…faster and easier than ever before. But, I don’t want to be too unrealistic here. While you’re pretty much going to be free to indulge regularly at holiday parties and meals, there may be one, or god forbid two, events that do not fit into the strategic scheduling. And for those potential one or two occurrences, I’ve compiled a list of 16 tips and strategies that you can use to make each as painless as possible.
To get the full list of 16 strategies Click the link Holiday Fat Loss Book

By Dr. Daniel KnowlesDecember 16, 2013

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